It’s an old adage but it remains true – we treat every candidate that walks through our doors the same way we’d like to be treated – regardless of qualifications, experience or place of tertiary education.

Every candidate is assessed on his or her merits and while placing 100% of the candidates we meet is a pipedream – not just for us but for every recruiter – our service adds tremendous value and will assist you greatly in the often frustrating process of finding a job.

As you invest the time, energy and trust in us, so we afford you the same courtesy. We will review and feedback on your CV, give you advice and training on the do’s and don’ts of the interview process and we will thoroughly prepare you for and brief you on the roles for which we put you forward. We’ll give you salary and package expectations and guidance as well as relevant market insight. This is not just about getting you a job and taking our commission cheques. It’s about ensuring that we get you on a successful career path.

The recruitment process isn’t scientific. There’s no guaranteed formula that makes it work for you which is why we react quickly and honestly by giving you feedback, both positive and constructive, on your interview and your wider recruitment experience. It’s a constant learning curve and our critique will enable and empower you to secure your dream job.

We’ve been where you are. We understand in no uncertain terms the frustration and stress associated with job hunting and because we do, we won’t make promises we can’t keep. Our aim is to make the start-to-finish recruitment process hassle-free.

Wherever you are on the career ladder, undertaking a job search with Ad Idem is exciting and ultimately fulfilling. For a confidential discussion, please contact us today.


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