Ad Idem Q3 review


Don’t let anyone tell you that everything is terrible. That the worst is yet to come. That there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes, times have been hard for many and we’re under no illusion that we are so lucky in comparison to a lot of the population. But as a business, Ad Idem has had to make some really tough calls and decisions have been made that will shape our futures. But those of us that have kept a positive mindset throughout the adversity are now reaping the rewards.

As we sit down together as a group (socially distanced, of course!) and reflect on Q3, there are so many positives that we can take away during a time when it would be so easy to slip into a negative mindset.

Jim and Henry on Ad Investment Management have closed deals with 5 brand new clients that had never worked with them before.

Ad Exec International has placed 3 big ticket interims across Europe with another offer pending, as well as retaining an ongoing project for a brand new client.

Ad Ingenium has 4 new clients with a pipeline of at least 3 more that are expected to be onboarded in the next week. We have launched a new company in the USA, Ad Atlantic, that has already attracted a new client with negotiations ongoing with 2 global PE houses to become a recruitment business partner to their portfolio companies. We have moved into a brand new office, changed all of our systems and generally upgraded our entire working platform.

We’ve run the numbers and, despite everything, we’re still not far off the annual targets that we set at the beginning of the year!

Oh, and we’ve hired 3 new members of staff and will be taking on at least one more before the year is out (welcome to the Ad Idem family Hayley, Lara and Oscar!)

And our secret?

We believe in ourselves and in each other. We will always remain positive and the entrepreneurial spirit that forms the foundations of the business have held strong and will continue to drive our growth, even when so many are going in reverse!

To anyone who might be going through a hard time, please remember this. Back yourself, as a positive mindset we can illuminate even the darkest of rooms.

Have a great weekend from all of us at the Ad Idem Family x