Ad Grad

Have you recently graduated from a top university? Do you have very strong A levels and GCSE’s ? Are you still struggling to get your first role in Financial Services? At Ad Idem we speak to people day in day out in your situation and help them to get that elusive first job. Jim Gervaise-Brazier has been placing top graduates into FS for over a decade and has recently taken on Henry Lenehan to help run this busy area. Even if we are unable to place you ourselves we will always provide you with exactly the information that you need to succeed! We know what your schools and Universities didn’t tell you. Our services are totally free of charge.

Contact Henry Lenehan  on 020 3 857 48888 to discuss more.

To our Financial services clients we offer a niche screening service sending you the best grads on the market, with the grades and credentials you require – All our candidates are met, referenced and their academic achievements validated.  We also work hard to guide and counsel graduates regarding expectations and direction career wise to ensure their ambition is matched with your role and reality. We also work hard to balance our shortlists with both male and female graduates using our Ad Equality philosophy to assist you in ensuring equal numbers of male and female high achievers.

If you are looking to hire the best new talent and you don’t want your time wasted Ad Idem offer competitive rates and a bespoke service that will save you time and money.