Founded in 2016 by Ann Radford, Ad Idem Consulting was created based on its Latin meaning – Ad Idem (Äd-ˈē-dem): A meeting of the minds. This phrase aptly describes our purpose, connecting people with careers in mind, as we strive to consult with our clients and candidates alike.

Our leadership team has over 70 years of combined recruitment experience making us experts within our respective areas.  Focusing on key sectors including Finance and Accounting, Private Equity, Human Resources, Compliance, Legal, Risk, Operations and Middle Office within Investment Management our remit is continually expanding with the market.

At Ad Idem, we hold our company values in high regard, they are embodied by all of our team members.

Entrepreneurial – Ad Idem provides a ‘safe-to-fail’ working environment where the leaders are driven, commercially focused and are always thinking of new and better ways to do business and make money.

Collaborative – At Ad Idem, we genuinely work hard to get to the same destination. No individual mavericks but a team striving for the same agreed aims and playing to each other’s strengths and development points.  

Integrity – Ad Idem act, at all times, within an agreed set of ethical boundaries.  We perform our work with the candidate and client’s best interest and do not default to anything that may bring our character into question. We keep in mind our own moral compass and that of our team and company.

Empowering –Ad Idem allows, within specific and agreed guidelines, the opportunity to get to the same desired outcome in their own unique way. We trust our team members to deliver and to give them the responsibility that goes with that trust and the opportunity to succeed and fail.