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The Data Operations Manager has responsibility for the operational support and services representing Global Operations and Data Management, supporting successful outcomes for both internal and external clients. This team manages fund, product and account reference data, as well as fundamental data like performance and constituent-level holdings. We aim to provide accurate and timely delivery of data and reports to internal stakeholders and clients.

The position will be responsible for the design and implementation of a new greenfield project for data strategy alongside other stakeholders for front and middle office environment over the next 1 to 2 years, replacing a series of disparate systems and processes. This role will be tasked with defining and implementing data management processes and oversight procedures to ensure data integrity and will contribute to the development, implementation and maintenance of the strategic data management infrastructure, policies and practices to enable the firm to better leverage its global data assets.

The responsibilities of the individual in this position include:

  • Lead the London Data Operations team in ensuring that the day-to-day operational responsibilities are managed, coordinated and delivered to the core business clients in a risk controlled and timely/accurate manner.
  • Contribute and influence the data strategy and ultimately support its implementation as a champion/recipient of the new infrastructure and its related functional responsibilities.
  • Lead the continuous growth and development of the Data Operations team as the strategy is rolled out, including team structure, functional alignment, sourcing strategies and associate development.
  • Drive the development of data management metrics to maintain oversight of global data management practices and process improvement initiatives.
  • Provide high-level data analysis.
  • Identify and track issues with data quality, trace ability of data, and identify any gaps between current practice and best practice.
  • Have a clear understanding of the interdependencies between systems and other functions.
  • Maintain a successful relationship with business leaders and stakeholders to engage and drive initiatives.
  • Draw data from disparate sources (external middle and back office service providers) and internal and legacy systems, and feed them into an EDM system.

The successful candidate will have extensive demonstrable skills and experiences including the following:


  • Knowledge of ALL asset classes and OTC Derivatives.
  • End-to-end implementation of an Enterprise Data Management (EDM) tool (Bloomberg PolarLake or Markit EDM for example).
  • Experience of on-boarding strategic change programs – transitioning such programs into an appropriate set of operational processes and structures.
  • Project experience implementing an EDM tool in a front office investment environment end-to-end with exposure to products such as Bloomberg PolarLake, Markit EDM, Cadis, Eagle or any other similar system.
  • Advanced experience as a Data Manager with some exposure to front office investment data analytics is expected.
  • Advanced SQL for data manipulation and transfer.
  • Advanced Excel.


  • Coding experience or quantitative analysis knowledge is highly desirable.
  • Knowledge of Equity, Fixed Income, FX and derivatives.
  • Experience working with quantitative developers.


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